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1 June 2011

Tuvan "ShaaLaash" sounded at the opening of "Nauruz" in Kazan

Tuvan "ShaaLaash" sounded at the opening of "Nauruz" in KazanOn 30 May in Kazan on the square in front of the State Academic Theatre of G. Kamal, official opening of the 10th International Theatre Festival of Turkic People "Nauruz" took place. From Tuva, folk music ensemble "ShaaLaash" (Sound of Waterfall or of Great River Yenisei) of the Tuvan music and drama theatre performed.  Members of the ensemble: National artist of RT Stanislav Iril )doshpuluur, vocal, khoomei), Merited artist of RT Saidash Mongush (kengirge, vocal, khoomei), director of musical part of the theatre Oktyabr Saaya (igil, vocal, khoomei), and National artist of RT, director of the theatre Nachyn Shalyk (percussions, sygyt).

In the words of Stanislav Iril, the spectators insisted on an encore. "ShaaLaash" will be performing again at the closing of the festival, which will take place on 3 June (on Sabantui holiday).

Saidana Khertek, Chimiza Lamajaa. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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30 May 2011

Sainkhoo Namchylak - a virtual bridge between the natural people of Tuva and Western civilization

Sainkhoo Namchylak - a virtual bridge between the natural people of Tuva and Western civilization"Radio Rossii", introducing two publications by the remarkable Tuvan singer Sainkhoo Namchylak, which were released in recent years by LEO Records in Great Britain, discusses both the projects and the singer herself. The first project was made with a percussionist from the USA Jarrod Cagwin.  He is a universal, unusual percussionist, and the situation that led to the meeting of these two musicians was not completely ordinary either. Sainkhoo Namchylak very much likes spontaneous improvisation  in conditions which are close to her nature . And since she is Tuvan and very close to natural music, regardless of all her incredible education, nature is alive in her. Such circumstances arose at one point.  There was a festival in Vienna " at the Odeon Theatre, named "In Trance". This is an absolutely accurate description of how Sainkho gets into music. The Tuvan singer herself is a virtual bridge between the naturalness of Tuvan nation and Western civilization.

Translated by Heda Jindrak
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28 May 2011

Amazing Baikal. Shamans in a nature preserve for spirits.

Amazing Baikal.  Shamans in a nature preserve for spirits.It is possible to get here by a highway running along the Angara and the Baikal shore. Then you take a ferry. A day of travel, and we are on Olkhon Island - the ancient home of Buryat shamanism. The Buryats, their shamans, and also magicians, healers and priests of the whole world believe that this is precisely the sacred place, where it is easiest to come into contact with spirits, enter a trance, and exchange occult experiences. "The consecrated ones" call this piece of land, shaped like a stretched-out body of a Baikal seal 80 km long, with walls in the south and mountains in the north, the "energetic heart" of the deepest fresh-water lake-sea of the plane, and Cape Burkhan is one of the nine sacred places of North Asia. This is where Siberian shamans sought sanctuary from Genghis Khan's cavalry and from the guns of the revolution. Key words such as "sacral center", "nature preserve of spirits", "chosen land" "ancient homeland", "last bastion of shamanism" find a lively response and empathy from the islanders. "Yes, friend, - the locals nod, pointing around the beach and mountain, - this is where they live, the spirits. Look at the teeth of Burkhan!"

AIF. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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28 May 2011

Festival "Musical Summer in Tuva" is starting in Tuva

Festival "Musical Summer in Tuva" is starting in TuvaOn 1 - 5 June, Tuvan capital will host the interregional festival "Musical Summer in Tuva".  Ministry of culture of the republic is one of its main organizers. As the minister of culture, Vyacheslav Dongak informed us, composers and performers from Moscow, Tatarstan, Buryatia, Kalmykia, Khakassia as well as from Belorussia and Siberian cities will  participate. The Chairman of the Union of Composers of Russia, Vladislav Igorevich Kazenin, a man who brought significant contribution to the development of musical art in Tuva will be the honored guest. It was precisely Kazenin who stood at the sources of founding the Union of Composers of Tuva.

Pravitelstvo RT. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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27 May 2011

"Raduga Tuvy" - a new literature site for children

"Raduga Tuvy" - a new literature site for children An internet web site for the youngest readers of Russia, the first literature site in Tuva for children opened on the eve of  Children's Day. Tuvan folk tales, proverbs and sayings, the best novels, stories and verse for children, which were at various times created for children by Tuvan writers and translated into Russian are presented on the portal.  "Raduga Tuvy" (Tuvan Rainbow) is one of the first stages of social project "Tuva chitayushchaya" (Reading Tuva).

"Raduga Tuvy" (http://tuvacheleesh.ru) is a gift for respected, beloved, bright, good and talented children of Russia - of all ages and nationalities. It is meant for those whom we want to teach to read good books, think deeply, and to develop fine and accurate feeling for words, - said the initiator of the "Tuva chitayushchaya) project, journalist Inna Printseva.  -  So far, the site is only in Russian language. This is explained by its two tasks. The first - to help children fr5om remote Tuvan districts to fully master Russian language. The second - to give children in other Russian regions to read Tuvan books."

Tuvacheleesh.ru. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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21 May 2011

Heaven behind a wall

Heaven behind a wallAncient stone walls. They surround mountains in Khakassia, transect promontories on the Baikal. People who built them have left so long ago, that the descendants remember neither the names of the tribes, nor the language the ancient architects spoke. Scientists do not know exactly to this day  for what  purpose these  walls were built. There are 90 such "fortified towns" on the territory around lake Baikal, and in Khakassia, where they call them "sve", there are more than 50. Various hypotheses and versions about the time when they were built, and their functional purpose were discussed at the international scientific conference "Ancient cultures of Mongolia and Baikal Siberia".

Yulia Sergeyeva, Vostochno-Sibirskaya Pravda. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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20 May 2011

Snow leopards on trans-border territory

Snow leopards on trans-border territoryOn 5 - 18 May 2011 with support of WWF of Russia and WWF of Mongolia, trans-border areas of snow leopard habitat were observed. The density of evidence of irbis life activity is comparable to the best habitats of this species in Nepal and India. Experts of the international expedition observed the Mongolian part of Tsagan-Shibetu  range (nature preserve "Tsagaan-Shuvuut") and  Chikhachev ridge (area of national park "Silkkhemin Nuruu"), adjacent to Russian border. A group of irbis inhabits this trans-border zone,  the study of which is exceptionally important for protection of this rare predator in Russia and Mongolia.

Staff of Altai nature preserve,  of Institute of Biology of Mongolian Academy of Sciences, WWF of Mongolia, anti-poacher brigade "Irves" (Mongolia) and Administration of specially protected natural territories of  lake Uvs-Nuur basin and Mongolian Altai participated in the expedition.

WWF. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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16 May 2011

The Day of Three Feats of Buddha Shakyamuni is "vegetarian day" in Tuva

The Day of Three Feats of Buddha Shakyamuni is "vegetarian day" in TuvaOn 17 May, masses and prayers will be performed in all the temples of Tuva, associated with the celebration of Day of Three Feats of Buddha Shakyamuni. As the abbot of the main "Tsechenling" temple, Tenzin Chimba (Buyan Bashki) informed the Savetibet.ru portal, this year Buddhist clergy turned to Tuvan Buddhists with a special request to dedicate this day to performing good deeds. Beside that,  Buddhist monks and priests, who are members of the Buddhist association of Tuva, proposed to the residents of the republic to renounce eating of meat on this day.

" For nomadic people (Tuvans, Kalmyks, Buryats, Mongols, and Tibetans) meat eating is a tradition that is very difficult to renounce, said Buyan Bashki. - However, we appeal to make this day a vegetarian one, so that as few as possible living creatures suffer on this day, and people can accumulate spiritual merit in this way."

Savetibet.ru. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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15 May 2011

The nomadic house; history of a dwelling

The nomadic house; history of a dwellingSince the very beginning of human history, the need for  spatial organization has been one of life-affirming orientations of Homo habilis (skillful man) and Homo sapiens (thinking man). Our ancestors of long ago, who lived more than 2 million years ago, were motivated by instinct of self-preservation, and were hardly thinking of comfort. These things became important to people only much later, some hundreds of thousands of years ago, and then, in search of a better deal, they pleased themselves by inhabiting the depths of caves, grottoes and cliff overhangs, coming into conflict with their previous occupants - large predators. Cave camp sites of the Lower Paleolithic Age, discovered today in various corners of the world,, were the first human dwellings, where together with housekeeping activities their thinking was formed, as well as esthetic tastes and mythic-ritual complexes of the first humans.

RGO (Russian Geographic Society). Translated by Heda Jindrak
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14 May 2011

Life of ancient Turks will be presented by Tuvan artists in Kazan

Life of ancient Turks will be presented by Tuvan artists in KazanV. Kok-ool Tuvan State theatre of music and drama will present director Alexei Oorzhak's drama Kultegin based on Eduard Mizhit's epic drama at the 10th theatre festival of Turkic peole "Nauruz".

The play tells of the life of the ancient Turkic society, torn by  internal conflicts, which were skillfully fomented by the rulers of a mighty neighbor of the Turks - China. The story tells of  efforts of Kultegin and his brother Bilge-Kagan, directed towards the preservation, recovery and strengthening of their nation.

After the premiere, Tuvan press called the play a "true masterpiece", even though the expectations were different.  Specifically, there were doubts associated with the discrepancy between the modest means of  the Tuvan music and drama theatre and the grandiose format of the epic: the budget for "Kultegin" was only 700thousand rubles, according to official data.

Kazan 24. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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14 May 2011

Perspectives of female throat-singing

Perspectives of female throat-singingToday at a round-table conference at the National museum a whole campaign for promotion of female throat singing started off. We will be speaking about traditions of its performance in the republic and the current existence of female khoomei. The initiative of the debates,  the concert in Kyzyl, and the tour of the districts of the republic belongs to the legendary Tuvan-Austrian singer Sainkho Namchylak and to the only khoomei performing all-female group in the world, "Tyva Kyzy" (Daughters of Tuva).

"We have Shagonar, Ak-Dovurak, Erzin, and Chadan on our tour schedule. We would also like to perform in Samagaltai," says Sainkho, who arrived to Kyzyl last night.

Mergen Loigu. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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11 May 2011

93 years since the birth of Richard Feynman

93 years since the birth of Richard FeynmanToday we celebrating 93 years since the birth of prominent American physicist, laureate of the Nobel Prize Richard Phillips Feynman. He is well known not just because took part in the work on the atom bomb, but also because he prepared the ground for the invention of nanotechnology. The physicist was a great dreamer, traveler and musician, who for long years passionately wished to get to the mysterious, far-away country - Tuva. His dream was never realized, but the passion itself was transmitted to those close to him, his friends, and as a result became the foundation for the Friends of Tuva  association in the USA. His friend Ralph Leighton wrote a book about Feynman's Tuvan dream ("Tuva or Bust"). We have published an excerpt of this book in No. 1-2 2099. You can also read about R. Feynman in Marina Mongush's overview "Foreign researchers of Tuva".

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2 May 2011

Festival of peoples of Xiongnu descent will take place in Mongolia

Festival of peoples of Xiongnu descent will take place in MongoliaThis year Mongolia will be observing several noteworthy historical dates. On the occasion of one of such anniversaries - 2, 200 years of  formation of Mongolian state - on 26-27 August there will be a world festival of peoples of Xiongnu descent, under the aegis of  President  Ts. Elbegdorj.

At this time, 33 countries have been invited. As part of the project, a wide spectrum of cultural, sports and other activities of  people of Xiongnu descent will be organized.

There are parallel plans for a conference of world leaders, meeting of young leaders for the purpose of exchange of experience in the field of citizens' participation in the development of the region.

IA Montsame. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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1 May 2011

International exhibition "Traditions of folk art of Mongolia" opens in Tuva

International exhibition "Traditions of folk art of Mongolia" opens in TuvaInternational exhibition "Traditions of folk art of Mongolia" opened at the National Museum of Tuva on 29 April. The exposition shows women's and men's jewelry,, made in the traditional way of Mongolian masters of the jewelry art. They represent a concentration of the heritage of the multifaceted and unique Mongolian culture.

The author of the jewellery is an artist- craftsman Nyamsuren Dorjzhantsan. She was born in the town of Arvaikheer of the Ovurkhangai aimak of Mongolia. Since 1995 she has been involved with jewellery art. Nyamsuren is a Master of Arts, and a participant in many exhibitions in Mongolia, Russia, Korea, and other places. A significant proportion of the exhibition consists of  antique  folk locks, some of which are 300 years old. More than 52 of the locks and other objects of decorative-applied art is from the private collection of Otonbaatar Rinchensambuu, a science worker of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia, a tibetologist and specialist in ancient Mongolian writing.

Tuvinskaya Pravda. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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29 April 2011

An American anthropologist's successful book about the Mongolian ruler

An American anthropologist's successful book about the Mongolian rulerPresident of Mongolia Ts. Elbegdorj sent a letter  of greetings to an American professor, anthropologist Jack Weatherford, congratulating him on his victory in a yearly contest of audio-books, where his book "Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World" won the first place.

"We Mongols are grateful to you, because your book about the role of Great Mongol Empire  in history, and  the cultural heritage of the Mongol people in the history of humankind became a significant step in the promotion and spread of  factual and objective information throughout the world about the history and culture of Mongolia. The success of this book based on historical facts and scientific research and written in a literary style, gave the Mongols and all humankind  a feeling for the importance of study of history. I wish you great success in further research and creative work, states the letter.

Info from IA Montsame. Translated by Heda Jindrak
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