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14 May 2011

Life of ancient Turks will be presented by Tuvan artists in Kazan

Kazan 24. Translated by Heda Jindrak

Life of ancient Turks will be presented by Tuvan artists in KazanV. Kok-ool Tuvan State theatre of music and drama will present director Alexei Oorzhak's drama Kultegin based on Eduard Mizhit's epic drama at the 10th theatre festival of Turkic peole "Nauruz".

The play tells of the life of the ancient Turkic society, torn by  internal conflicts, which were skillfully fomented by the rulers of a mighty neighbor of the Turks - China. The story tells of  efforts of Kultegin and his brother Bilge-Kagan, directed towards the preservation, recovery and strengthening of their nation.

After the premiere, Tuvan press called the play a "true masterpiece", even though the expectations were different.  Specifically, there were doubts associated with the discrepancy between the modest means of  the Tuvan music and drama theatre and the grandiose format of the epic: the budget for "Kultegin" was only 700thousand rubles, according to official data.

However, the modest budget was fully made up for by the brilliant work of the director, talented acting, and enthusiasm. All the stage props and decorations, as well as the costumes of the actors, were made  in the theatre's own workshop.

Beside that, at first some caution in the spectator circles was caused by the fact that the theater is turning to historical figures and events of ancient Asia, which many interpret as a symbolic basis of the ideology of contemporary panturkism.  However, the authors of "Kultegin consider such insinuations about the presence of any political subtext in their creation strange - especially in combination with the idea of ethnic separatism. "In such a case, I would have to be considered to be an agent of two special services - Turkish and Mongolian, - commented the director of the play Alexei Oorzhak on the allusions to panturkism. - "Before "Kultegin", I have produced the play about Genghis Khan's right hand - Subedei, and I have also helped the Yakut Andrei Borisov with filming a movie about Genghis Khan himself."

If there is a hidden message to contemporary politicians in "Kultegin", then, the director believes, it is a very simple one - the maturity of a leader, whether big or small, lies in his ability to put the interests of the nation above even his own life. And this ability is relevant for politicians of all times and nations, regardless of their national, racial or any other identity.

The play will be shown on June 1 at 19:00 hours at the Tinchurin Tatar State Drama and comedy Theatre.

The 10th International Theatre Festival of Turkic people "Nauruz" will take place in Kazan from May 30 to June 3.  About 550 guests and participants are expected. Troupes from Japan, Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Moldavia, and from such regions of Russia as Yakutia, Altai, Tyva, Dagestan, Khakassia and others are coming to Kazan. Traditionally, the participating plays will be judged by the Collegium of critics, presided by Doctor of Arts, professor of RATI-GITIS, the chairman of the Shakespearean commission of RAN, Alexei Bartoshevich.

The festival will open on May 30, 2011, by a ceremonial parade and a grandiose theatric program. The MDT - Theatre of Europe with the play "Three sisters" by Lev Dodin, and a star of world music Stepanida Borisova will be the honorable guests of the festival. Beside the invited honorable guests, more than 40 drama and puppet productions from the whole world will be presented to the spectators; there will be stage plays, Japanese Noh theatre, musical performances, mystical dervish dances - in a word, a real celebration of theatre.

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