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4 November 2016

Special issue “Subethnic groups of Tuvans: history and contemporaneity”

Journal Editor
Special issue “Subethnic groups of Tuvans: history and contemporaneity” The New Research of Tuva is delighted to announce a call for articles for a special issue (to be released in March 2017 as No. 1, 2017). It will focus on the topic of "Subethnic groups of Tuvans: history and contemporaneity”. Chuluun Sampildondov, PhD from Institute of History of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and Candidate of History, docent E.V. Aiyzhy from the Tuvan State University will guest edit the issue.
The issue will concentrate on a spectrum of actual problems regarding ethnic and ethnocultural history, ethnolingual situation and interethnic relations of different groups of Tuvan population in Russian Federation, Mongolia and China. A range of theoretical and methodological approaches to solving the problems will be presented among with the results of latest field studies by Russian and foreign scientists. New ethnographic data on a subjected groups, analysis of changes in ethnocultural, ethnosocial life of subethnic groups of Tuvans (transformation of traditional culture) will also be reflected in the special issue.
 We encourage colleagues from different international scientific schools to present their studies of following topics:
·         Theory and methodology of studying the processes of subethnization, subethnic groups;
·         Peculiarities of ethnosocial, ethnocultural, ethnopolitical processes among Tuvans in Russia, Mongolia and China;
·         Ethnolingual processes in subethnic groups of Tuvans;
·         Comparison study of subethnization, subethnic groups of people of Central Asia;
·         Transformation of traditional cultures of subethnic groups of Tuvans;
·         New trends in ethnocultural, ethnosocial life of Tuvans in Mongolia and China;
·         Comparative analysis of contemporary situation in ethnic culture of Tuvans in Russia, Mongolia, China, etc.
 Each article should not exceed 30,000 characters (incl. spaces) in Russian or English. The submission deadline is February 1, 2017.
Also welcome are short submissions such as book reviews, conference summaries, etc.
Detailed information on how to format and submit your article is available at: http://nit.tuva.asia/nit/about/submissions#authorGuidelines

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