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28 March 2016

Special issue "Contemporary ethnosocial processes in Tuva"

Journal Editor.
Special issue "Contemporary ethnosocial processes in Tuva"Dear colleagues, 
The New Research of Tuva is delighted to announce a call for articles for a special issue (to be released in June as No. 2, 2016). It will focus on the topic of "Contemporary ethnosocial processes in Tuva”. Doctor of philosophy, Professor Yu.V. Popkov will guest edit the issue. 
In 2016 the journal updated its concept and format. We will concentrate on topic-based issues, inviting authors to closely examine specific research problems, with assistance from guest editors. 
The "Contemporary ethnosocial processes in Tuva” special issue will look at a spectrum of trending ethnosocial issues in the region, as well as at various theoretical and methodological approaches to solving these problems. We also encourage contributions in social sciences which investigate  similar issues in the regions of Siberia and Central Asia. 
We invite you to contribute articles on the following areas of focus:
            • Theory and methodology of ethnosocial studies;
            • Ethnosocial processes and their specific features in Tuva;
            • Dynamics of ethnosocial structure and ethnocultural landscape in Tuva;
            • The impact of ethnic factors on social structure and migration in Tuva;
            • Labor force in Tuva and its ethnic composition;
            • Ethno-economic problems in Tuva;
            • Social determinants of ethnic self-consciousness and of interethnic relations in Tuva;
            • Ethnopolitical processes in Tuva;
            • Legal regulation of ethnosocial development;
            • Interethnic conflicts in Tuvan society;
            • Ethnic factors in value systems, behavior stereotypes, cultural interests and demands of social groups in Tuva;
            • Ethnolingual processes in Tuva, including bilingualism;
            • Ethnosocial processes in the regions of Siberia and Central Asia in comparative aspect;
We are ready to consider submissions on other related topics. 
Each article should not exceed 30,000 characters (incl. spaces) in Russian or English. The submission deadline is May 1, 2016. 
Also welcome are short submissions such as book reviews, conference summaries, etc. 
Detailed information on how to format and submit your article is available at: http://nit.tuva.asia/nit/about/submissions#authorGuidelines 
Authors and readers are welcome to create an account on our redesigned journal site: http://nit.tuva.asia/nit, built on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform.

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