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8 August 2016

Special issue “Information technologies in Tuvan philology studies”

Journal Editor
Dear colleagues!
The New Research of Tuva is delighted to announce a call for articles for a special issue (to be released in December as No. 4, 2016). It will focus on the topic of "Information technologies in Tuvan philology studies”. Candidate of Philology, Docent M. V. Bavuu-Surun, director of "Turkic Studies” Scientific Educational Center of  Tuvan State University will guest edit the issue.
Language is an important component of a peoples culture. Nowadays almost all the languages of small nations in Russian Federation are under the danger of disappearance, many of them will vanish in nearest future. This actualizes the task of keeping the language as a mean of communication and learning. Tuvan language is not an exception though it has been a full-scale mean of communication and learning for Tuvans just decades ago. Unfortunately, a gradual process of language deprivation is being enforced by globalization and became more intense on the bound of centuries. But the native speakers have not fully perceived the danger hanging over the Tuvan language.
Contemporary information technologies provide new capabilities for preserving and studying language: they speed up the process of collecting, processing and searching of objects for study, help performing analysis on a basis of extensive arrays of lingual data. Databases are actually electronic archives of multifarious written and oral sources and this is why it is so important to keep working on electronic corps of Tuvan language.
Rapid development of Internet technologies expands the possibilities for using language. It’s various informational, scientific methodological, educational methodological portals, electronic schoolbooks and sites. Infoeducational resources are being created all over the world for significant period as it is one of the most productive methods of study. One can find infoeducational resources with common data over specific topic or special discipline. Creating infoeducational resources in Tuvan language is essential for preserving the language, history and culture of Tuvan people.
We encourage colleagues to share information, vision and ways of solving problems.
Proposed list of topics for the issue:
·          Electronic corps of Tuvan language: subcorps, software;
·          Electronic educational resources of Tuvan language: web-sites, portals;
·          Electronic educational resources of Tuvan literature;
·          Tuvan language on the Internet;
·          Software for studies of Tuvan philology, electronic educational resources in Tuvan language;
·          Problems of creating databases in Tuvan language;
·          Expertise of creating electronic resources for preserving and developing other languages of Russia and regions of Central Asia.
We are ready to consider submissions on other related topics.
Each article should not exceed 30,000 characters (incl. spaces) in Russian or English. The submission deadline is November 1, 2016.
We kindly ask to inform the editor about the topic of your future article.
Also welcome are short submissions such as book reviews, conference summaries, etc.
Detailed information on how to format and submit your article is available at: http://nit.tuva.asia/nit/about/submissions#authorGuidelines
Authors and readers are welcome to create an account on our redesigned journal site: http://nit.tuva.asia/nit, built on the Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform.

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