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31 October 2012

Tuvan shaman revolution

Aleksey Blohin, Actualno. Translated by Ondar Saglay

Tuvan shaman revolutionThe Famous Tuvan ethno-rock group, known beyond the bounds of Russia, Yat-Kha has given a concert at the World Music Festival, which took place at the site of the club EverJazz. Musicians performed songs from different albums, as well as few new songs. They started with throat singing — a leader of the group, guitarist and vocalist Albert Kuvezin owns this authentic art to perfection. However, pure ethnic on Sunday’s performance was a little. After the first composition they performed numbers more energetic. They sang some Russian songs, many songs in Tuvan, and a pair of tracks has been executed in English ("Yat-Kha" performed well as a couple of covers).

Albert Kuvezin, the group leader, ironically called quick and powerful songs "people's revolutionary songs.  Strange thing — only three musicians (among Kuvezhin drummer Evgeny Tkachev and Sholban Mongush who plays on iguil were on stage) gave a powerful presentation full of energy, which other orchestras cannot do.  Magic or shamanism — it cannot be otherwise. "Yat-Kha" is really democratic — all three participants sing. And the player on iguil (Tuvan folk instrument resembling the sound of a violin or violoncello) Sholban Mongush performed as the main vocalist in several compositions.

Kuvezin didn’t mind, and smiled slyly and accompanied enthusiastically. In the pauses between numbers Albert Kuvezin joked witty, talked to the public and presented musicians. Evgeny Tkachev was a wonderful mandolin besides the beautiful possessions on percussion instruments (his trick is that the game does not use the high-hat and snare drum). Well, his musical charisma and professionalism are the envy of any shaman. Not without reason Tkachev’s nickname is "Rasputin". Among the cover songs that are played by "Yat-Kha" were songs of Joy Division and even heavily reworked song of Bob Marley. 

The combinationof philosophical and unhurried songs with quick and energetic rock numbers, mysterious phonetics of Tuvan language, the East Asian charm and ethnic colour  — all part of a great music festival, which  visited people who came to the concert on Sunday night in EverJazz.

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