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29 April 2018

New Research of Tuva is now indexed in Scopus

New Research of Tuva is now indexed in ScopusDear contributors and readers of theNew Research of Tuva, dear colleagues,

We are happy to inform you that our journal of Tuvan studies is now indexed in Scopus, a database maintained by Elsevier, Netherlands. Scopus is the world’s largest single abstract and citation database which covers over 21000 scientific and medical journals from around 5000 international publishers.

The database, updated annually, comprises over 50 million items from around the world, including over 100000 books, 370 book series, 6.8 mln conference papers. As of now, Scopus indexes 473currently active Russian research periodicals. New journals are accepted every year. In 2015, a Russian advisory board was set up to facilitate acceptance of local journals, which sped up the selection process. While prior to 2016, a dozen Russian journals were accepted annually, the first year under the new system saw the approval of 76 journals, followed by 50 more in 2017, and several in 2018, including the New Research of Tuva – the only academic journal fully devoted to studying the society and culture of Tuva.

The expert opinion of CSAB on our journal, among other things, said that the journal "focuses on the Tuva region, but is wide-ranging in terms of subjects covered. The content is of a high quality, and the English versions (both full articles and abstracts) impress, underlining the international nature of the journal. The journal has a good homepage, and the presentation of the issues covered is of a high quality too”.

The inclusion of the New Research of Tuva in Scopus is a sign of high appreciation of the quality and prospects of our journal, and of its unique content, by the international advisory board of the database.

The journal is now featured on the list of Russian journals as of March 2008, available at Elsevier’s Russian-language site.


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