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8 July 2012

Tuva Gathers Tuvan Throat Singing Fans From Around the World

Press-service of the Government of RT. Translated by Emina Kyzyl-ool

Tuva Gathers Tuvan Throat Singing Fans From Around the WorldThe grand opening of the International Festival of Throat Singing Performers Dembildey – 2012, with participation of guests from Japan, Mongolia, Canada, America, Norway, Spain, Australia, and Finland took place in Kyzyl, at the Tuvan National Theatre on July 6.

Joan Feynman, sibling of Richard Feynman, the founder of Friends of Tuva, physicist and Nobel Laureate, became the dearest guest of the Festival. Joan Feyman came to Tuva with her husband and friends. The Head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, speaking at the event, warmly expressed Joan and Richard Feynman the gratitude for their love, attention and deep feel for Tuvan culture, as well as for their contribution to popularity of Tuva.

The Premier emphasized the special role of the prodigiously talented sons of Tuva - Kaigal-ool Khovalyg and Kongar-ool Ondar. Both of the performers are the Honoured Artists of Russian Federation, the National Khoomeizhys and favourites of Tuvan fellow citizens.

“Being masters of throat singing and having such an extraordinary talent, they have glorified the Tuva to the whole world. As the result, we have fans coming to the Republic from different parts of the world,” Sholban Kara-ool said.

The Premier congratulated Kongar-ool Ondar on his golden jubilee, which was the matter for the latest Dembildey Festival.

Dozens of citizens being in festive mood came to greet the guests and the performers to the street by the National Theatre. With the sounds of fanfares and the contestants’ walk around the central street, holding shields with written country names on them, shouts of joy have broken forth from the crowd. No musical performance or celebration dispenses with throat singers in Tuva. Young and old here perform khoomei. Khoomei has been widely admired by many, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Albert II, the Prince of Monaco while visiting Tuva.

Tuva Gathers Tuvan Throat Singing Fans From Around the WorldTuvan masters of throat singing received their first recognitions from the international public as early as in 80-s of the last century. The first International Khoomey Symposium held in 1992 gathered not only scientists, but also experts from around the world – France, Japan, Canada, Holland, Finland. Today Tuvan throat singers are beyond any competitions: they are popular among western celebrities, they have captured Hollywood’s attention and take part in the most distinguished talk shows in America.

Tuvan throat singing – khoomei- is noticeably different from the similar art of Altaians, Buryats, and Mongols and, in first place, for the great variety of styles. Kargyraa, Khoomei, Sygyt, Ezenggileer, Borbannadyr – these are considered as five fundamental styles. Additionally, there are several variations – Dumchuktar (nasalization), Khorekter (chest voice), Khovu Kargyrazy (steppe kargyraa).

In 2011, the Center of Development of Tuvan Traditional Culture and Crafts was established and Kongar-ool Ondar held an appointment as a principal of the foundation.

Tuva Gathers Tuvan Throat Singing Fans From Around the WorldThe Center aims to become a platform for all the throat singing lovers, where any guest from any region or country can see demonstrations of the art of Tuvan throat singing and enjoy master-classes of Tuvan khoomei performers.In particular, the contest program of the solo artists and folk music groups runs in the Center from July 6 -8. Entertainment program dedicated to peoples’ friendship, as well as research-to-practice seminar The Modern Status of Tuvan Throat Singing to be held in the Center as well.

The guests of Dembildey – 2012 are: American musician Dominic Earle Shodekeh Talifero, contrabassist Garf Stevenson and his wife - singer, guitarist Ann Victoria Lynch, Japanese and Tuvan musicians, American filmmaker Michael Rendell Falkner, director of film photography and producer Charles Henry Hudson III, Dora Livakis from Australia, Damdinsuren Basan from Mongolia, linguists Morten Abildeness, Pirko Paulinnoy Palyaka from Finland (duo Moldurga).

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