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11 May 2011

93 years since the birth of Richard Feynman

93 years since the birth of Richard FeynmanToday we celebrating 93 years since the birth of prominent American physicist, laureate of the Nobel Prize Richard Phillips Feynman. He is well known not just because took part in the work on the atom bomb, but also because he prepared the ground for the invention of nanotechnology. The physicist was a great dreamer, traveler and musician, who for long years passionately wished to get to the mysterious, far-away country - Tuva. His dream was never realized, but the passion itself was transmitted to those close to him, his friends, and as a result became the foundation for the Friends of Tuva  association in the USA. His friend Ralph Leighton wrote a book about Feynman's Tuvan dream ("Tuva or Bust"). We have published an excerpt of this book in No. 1-2 2099. You can also read about R. Feynman in Marina Mongush's overview "Foreign researchers of Tuva".

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