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Сегодня 25 September 2021 г.
14 March 2011

Japanese musicians arrived to Tuva

Aigulya Chuldum-ool. Translated by Heda Jindrak

Japanese musicians arrived to TuvaToday, on 14 March 2011, Japanese musicians came to Kyzyl, despite the destructive earthquake which took place in their native country.

On 18 March 2011 at the House of National Art,  a major concert of Tuvan-Japanese music, "Music without borders", will take place, dedicated to the opening of the regional public organization  "Center of Tuvan - Japanese  friendship "Kargyraa".

The chief founder of this organization is the famous musician Otkun Dostai.

A famous Japanese musician Makigami Koichi - Director of the Japanese-Tuvan association "Khoomei" in Japan,  who popularized Tuvan throat-singing in the Land of the Rising Sun, will be performing it is in many ways thanks to his enthusiasm that the Japanese learned about the  musical culture of Tuvans,  especially about Tuvan throat-singing. To entertain us with their performance, there will also be Yanagiya Koharu, a famous female singer, musician, keeper of traditional Japanese culture, and Udai Shika - a composer,  arranger of Japanese music, violoncellist, and contra-bass player.

There will also be Tuvan musicians who have performed in various Japanese cities: 3 national artists, 7 national khoomeiji, 6 Merited artists of Republic Tyva, and the groups "Huun-Huur-Tu", Tyva-Kyzy", and "Ene-Sai".


[Translator's note:  among many of his other interesting projects, Makigami Koichi has recently (2010) released an  excellent album "Tokyo Taiga" with the group AYA and the great Altai kaiji Bolot Bairyshev, on TZADIK label. Heda J.]

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