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The New Research of Tuva. Issue 4, 2013

About issue, articles and authors (editor’s word)


Multifaceted modernization

Popkov Yu.V. Regional features of ethnonational policy


Tuva yesterday, today, tomorrow

Vasilenko V. A. Borderline commissioner in Tuva in 1913: assignment, problems, confrontation 

Bavuu-Surun M. V., Ondar M. V. Rusisms in Tuvan language dialects

Tulush D. K. Using of space pictures for identification of fortification constructions on the territory of the Republic of Tuva

Kombu S. S. The novels of Oleg Sagan-ool: ideologic and artistic innovation


Nomads of the Asian continent

Lamazhaa Ch. K. National character of Mongolic peoples of Central Asia

Chetyrova L. B. Freedom in captivity: Kalmyk youth leisure during deportation

Basangova T. G. Genre of “urans” in the folklore tradition of Kalmyks

Sukhbatyn Soyolmaa (Mongolia) Structural analysis of myth (on Mongolian folklore materials)

of Change

Henri Lecomte, an ethnomusicologist, France: «A culture that does not evolve is a dead culture» (Interview by Aylana Irgit, Victoria Peemot)

Dyrtyk-ool A. O.  A. I Martynov — an Archeologist, a Teacher, a Men


Issues of Orientalism

Kukanova V. V., Salaev B. K., Trofimova S. M. The structure of an electronic textbook of Kalmyk language: problems and prospects


Human and nature

Dabiev D. F. Status and prospects of coal mining in Tuva

Maadyr M. S. Tuvan arzhaans in context of developing the touristic and recreation zones


Scientific life

Dyrtyk-ool A. O. 7th research and practice conference “Anokhin’s recitals”

Kara-ool L. S. 13th international conference “Actual issues of dialectology of languages of nations in Russia”

Biche-ool V. K. Summary of conference “The dance as a historical and cultural heritage of Mongolic peoples”

Ushnitskiy V. V. Expedition to Evenk Autonomous Banner of Inner Mongolia in 2013


We read, we cogitate

Litvinova T. N., Vinokurova A. V. Geopolitical image of Russia: a view from Siberia

Filatenko A. The first schoolbook of Buddhism published in Tuva 

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