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Сегодня 29 May 2023 г.

The New Research of Tuva. Issue 2, 2013


About issue, articles and authors (editor’s word)


Multifaceted modernization

Popkov Yu. V., Tyugashev E. A. The targets of regional models for state national policy

Lamazhaa Ch. K. Scientific research database “Russian models of archaization and neotraditionalism in context of modernization”


Tuva yesterday, today, tomorrow

Mongush M. V. At Tuvans of Tsengel

Datsyshen V. G. Japan and Civil War in Tuva

Mongush M. V. Shamanism in Tuva and Okinawa: similarities and distinctions

Baiyr-ool M. S. A yurt in traditional Tuvan culture

Maadyr M. S. Thesis works of doctors in Tuva


Nomads of the Asian continent

Zoriktuev B. R. About unrenowned crusade of Mongols to Yenisei in 1207

Ubushieva D. V. Archival materials of A. V. Burdukov (Kalmyk national songs)


Issues of Orientalism

Zakharenko I. A. Orientalist study of cross-border regions of Russia and China: historical, geographical and cartographical aspects

Takarakova E. O. Issue of historical and cultural capacity and possibility of its exploitation for cultural tourism in Altai Republic


Scientific life

Zaytseva S. V. Technology teachers’ forum of the Republic of Tuva

Summary of the Republican Science and Practice Conference “Technological education in context of modernization of educational system in the Republic of Tuva”, Kyzyl, 12 April 2013


First attempt at writing

Kara-Sal K. S. Antroponomical toponyms of Mongun-Taiga district

Saaya Ch. E. History reflected in hodonyms of Mugur-Aksy village

Khomushku I. Yu. The sacred arrow – a custodian of family welfare of Tulush and Dongak families

Surunmaa A. Ch. Irgit ethnonym: origin and contemporary state in Mongun-Taiga district of the Republic of Tuva


We read, we cogitate

Kharunova M. M.-B. The new horizons of tuvinology

Lamazhaa Ch. K. Tuva of 1990’s through the eyes of new generation

Ivakhnenko E. N. Ab extra and intra of Tuvan archaization


The land of blue rivers

Kuular V. Sh. A game of dolly revival

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