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Сегодня 25 September 2023 г.

The New Research of Tuva. Issue 1, 2013

About issue, articles and authors (editor’s word)


Multifaceted modernization

Popkov Yu.V. Ethnosocial processes and ethnonational policy


New worldnew approaches

Popkov Yu. V., Tyugachev E. A. Reflection and identity of civilizations (notes to the “Challenge-and-Response” conception)

Popkova T. V. Solidarity and solidarism as a social and research problem


Tuva yesterday, today, tomorrow

Mongush M. V. About two expedition to Todzha

Suvandii N. D. Hunting lexis in the Todzhu dialect of Tuvan language

Oorzhak L.H. Folklore elements in Aleksey Begzin-ool’s poetry


Nomads of the Asian continent

Mandzhieva B. B. Storyteller Sh.V. Boktaev and his repertory

Basangova T.G. Counting rhymes in Kalmyk child folklore


Issues of Orientalism

Namrueva L. V. The cooperation of Mongolia and Kalmykia: the present and the future

Psyanchin Yu.V. Scientific heritage of Bashkirian linguist and educator N.H.Maksyutova


Scientific life

Lamazhaa Ch.K., Lukov Vl.A. Scientific base of “The New Research of Tuva” magazine marked its 9th anniversary

Tarbastayeva I.S. Conference “Tuva between past and the future”


First attempt at writing

Norbu A.-S. Sh. About the contemporary youth culture

Kol A. A worlds within the Sayans

Kongar B. Hunting as a traditional ploy of Tuvans


We read, we cogitate

Mandzhieva B.B. Kalmyk child folklore

Fedotova V.G. Replacement of the lacuna


The land of blue rivers

Kara-ool L.S. “I live the life of those whom I draw…”

Beyond the Sayan mountains

Kara-ool-Dulush S. D. Asian vacation

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