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The New Research of Tuva. Issue 4, 2012


About issue, articles and authors (editor’s word)


Orientalism issues

Orientalists’ meeting in Kazan (review of the 8th Congress of Russian Orientalists) (Ch. K. Lamazhaa)

Graivoronskiy V. V. Mongolia’s state policy in the field of mongolistics

Popkov Yu. V., Tyugashev E. A. Mongolia in the world community of civilizations and nations

Galyautdinov I. G., Hisamitdinova F. G., Psyanchin A. V., Psyanchin Yu. V. Orientalism in the Republic of Bashkortostan in 2010-2012: results and prospects


Times of Change

Vladimir Datsyshen: “History can’t be done without comparative analysis” (interview by Ch. K. Lamazhaa)

Anayban Z. V. Civil society institutions in Post-Soviet Khakassia

Bicheldey U. P. About the main trends in protection, exploitation, popularization and state protection of cultural heritage objects in the Republic of Tuva

Fentsel O. V. Role of National Library in serving the multiethnic region


Tuva yesterday, today, tomorrow

Oelschlägel A. C. (Germany) Contemporary legends from Tuva

Kuzhuget A. K. Problems of preserving the architectural face of old Kyzyl

Semyonov V. A. Archeological artifacts of right bank Tuva

Dyrtyk-ool A. O. Vladimir Petrovich Yermolayev

Mongush M. V. At Xinjian Tuvans: twenty years later

Kara-ool L. S. Tsengel Tuvan elementary school


Nomads of the Asian continent

Rassadin V. I. Gerunds in Mongolian and Turkic languages

Basangova T. G. Farmery poetry of Kalmyks


Scientific life

To the 120th anniversary of the first director of Tuvan National Museum V.P. Yermolayev (M. M. Mandan-Khorluu, U. B. Nurzat)

International Science and Practice Conference “Historical and Cultural Heritage of the People of Central Asia: prospects of development and problems of preservation (September 14–15, 2012, Kyzyl)

All-Russian Science and Practice Conference “Organizational and administrative innovations for ensuring economic growth of underdeveloped region” (September 20–21, 2012, Kyzyl) (M. K. Soyan)

How to achieve harmony in interethnic relations? (results of activities of the International School of young ethnosociologists) (E. A. Yerokhina)

2nd International Humanities Forum in Baku “21st century: Hopes and Challenges” (Yu.V. Popkov)

International Science and Practice Conference “Frontier territories: problems and prospects of development” (October 18–21, 2012) (D. F. Dabiyev, Yu. S. Ochur)


First attempt at writing

Okutan N. (Turkey) British Druidry and Turkic Shamanism in context of Pagan Religion


Tuvinology on the Internet

Peemot V. V. (Finland) Tuvan project of Finnish “Nomad Center”


We read, we cogitate

Ivanov A.V., Popkov Yu. V., Shishin M.Yu. Actual problems of Eurasianism

Kungaa M. B. A new digest of Tuvan tales in Tuvan language

Lamazhaa Ch. K. Tuva as a greatest mystery


In memoriam

In memoriam of a scientist and a teacher Svetlana Mongushevna Biche-ool

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