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21 Fabruary 2012

Visit Exotic Tuva!

Rossiyskaya gazeta. Translated by Heda Jindrak

Visit Exotic Tuva!The ethnocultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak, which appeared in Tuva a year ago, has already successfully conquered the love of tourists from various corners of the world, and has become a true pearl and jewel of the republic, which is justifiably known as  "The Heart of Asia".


Heritage of the Scythians


The idea to build an original cultural complex, which would fully reflect the national comfort, folklore, and traditional way of life of Tuvans, originated in 2010, after the head of the republic, Sholban Kara-ool declared he Year of Tourism for Tuva.


The project was designed by the Ministry of Culture of the republic, and in a short time, the ethnocultural complex "Aldyn-Bulak" grew next to Ulug-Khem river, 45 km from Kyzyl at the western direction of the Kyzyl-Shagonar route, in the picturesque spot  "Balyk Kharaar". In the originality of the design, beauty and living comforts, the complex measures up to the highest standards.


-  It is difficult to somehow surprise people, who have the experience of great and interesting vacations, anymore. But we were successful in astonishing guests not just from outside of Tuva, but even our own demanding Tuvans. This is a great, fairy-tale place for a vacation! Here you can feel the powerful energy of ancient eras,  as well as a special atmosphere of comfort = as if you fell into another dimension. In less than a year, "Aldyn-Bulak" has become a worthy brand-name of Tuva, a beloved place of relaxation for visitors from various countries of the world, -  as the director of the complex, Kima Dongak, tells us.


Right away, "Aldyn-Bulak" astonishes the visitors' imagination.  Two fundamental principles were used in architectural-constructional solutions of the tourist complex: ecological purity and national coloration.

Visit Exotic Tuva!It was built in the form of the Universe, with use of elements of Scythian culture and traditional ideas of Tuvans.


The complex consists of a yurt-restaurant, four "presidential" VIP-yurts, seven yurts of economy class, five Todzhan chooms with a hearth, sports-court, gazebos, bath-sauna, gift store for sales of souvenirs, administrative buildings and parking lots.


The atmosphere of the "Aldyn-Bulak" yurt-restaurant is irreproachable as a place to have a work-day lunch, to entertain high-ranking guests, as well as a place to get together with friends, and the interior, designed in Scythian style, transfers the guests into the depths of ages in a flash of an eye.


The emphasis in yurt design was placed on the unique history and culture of the republic. Elements of Tuvan traditional way of life were used as foundation - the rooms are decorated by enlarged copies of objects from the famous kurgans of Scythian era - "Arzhaan-1" and Arzhaan-2". The walls are decorated with pictures of various images of  the way of life of the legendary Scythians. The yurt-restaurant is subdivided into 16 sections, calculated for 60 seating places.


To bow to the Golden Arrow


In June of this year, a school of throat-singing will open at the ethnocultural complex, and  a cultic symbol - "Ovaa of Khoomei" was built in its honor. It consists of a "Golden Arrow" aimed to the sky.

 Its purpose is for the visitors and fans of Tuvan throat-singing to request permission to learn khoomei from the Spirit of the Ovaa with a special ritual. As a matter of fact, it is the first and only monument to the "trademark" of Tuva - throat-singing - in the whole world.


There is an immense interest in khoomei. In the words of the director of "Aldyn-Bulak" Kima Dongak, just in the USA a group of 80 people has been collected who are dreaming of  learning throat-singing from famous Tuvan masters. There are applications from turkey, Poland, Germany, other European countries, not even speaking of Russian lovers of exoticism. And it is not a surprise, because mysterious, magical, wild, multifaceted, primal, original Tuva remains in the hearts of all Visit Exotic Tuva!those who visits her only one time - forever…


-  For me personally, "Aldyn-Bulak" is not a business and not profit, that is not our basic aim, - Kima Dongak emphasizes. - The main thing is - we attempted to build an astonishing oasis for relaxation from the pace of large cities. And you will definitely feel it, because we put our souls into the work, careful thought went into every little detail.  I am glad that our work brings joy and pride to the people of Tuva, that it stimulates astonishment and enthusiasm of the visitors.  Everybody who visits "Aldyn-Bulak" experiences a crucial change in attitude to our republic. Many discover a new Tuva - full of goodness and hospitality, and they take away astonishing impressions  about this ancient country, with its aura of legends and myths, surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Sayans and Tannu-Ola, as about one of the most unique corners of this planet…It is useless to read about it, you have to feel it in person, so, welcome to "Aldyn-Bulak!"


Materials prepared with the support of  Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Economy of Republic Tyva.




Ethnocultural complex "ALDYN-BULAK"


Location: Republic Tyva, 45 km from Kyzyl on Kyzyl-Ak-Dovurak route.


Capacity: 63 guests.


Seasonality: year-round.


Facilities:  de-luxe (2-bed suite) - well-furnished yurts, shower corner, private toilets, heating, warm floor; traditional 5-bed yurts (economy class);  4-bed chooms.


Food:  yurt-restaurant for 100 seating places with traditional folk cuisine, as well as a complex menu or a la carte orders in the atmosphere of a rich Royal Scythian style.


Contact information:


Ul. Shchetinkina-Kravchenko, 4;

Telephone: + 7 (39422) 2-06-28: 8 (906) 999-5649;

8 (923) 266-8209; 8 (923) 263-7113:

E-mail: kfvd@mail.ru; ethno@tuvatour.travel

www.tuvatour.travel; www.visittuva.ru 

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