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Сегодня 18 January 2018 г.

Гостевая книга

Keith Keith (Houston Texas) 22 May 2017, 02:16

Stone Carving Collector

Does anyone know where & how to order, purchase, or obtain Tuvan "chonar-dash" stone carnings of mythical beasts?
Please advise.
Kind Regards,
Keith Keith
Fatih Karagül (Çanakkale) 25 November 2016, 16:24

Turkish page

Please, design your website also in modern Latin Turkish alphabet.
Gerhard Barbist (Innsbruck) 8 Fabruary 2016, 01:10

About Mergen Konchuk

Hi, I was on a bike trip with Mergen Konchuk and my wife in 1995. We also climbed Mongun Taiga. I contacted Mergen some years ago. he was in the tourism business then. Now I have read, that he is dead. Can you give me some information about why that happened and when, because he was younger than me. Thanks a lot
Venz 26 March 2015, 01:33

Im looking for a specific information in my research and i found of it here. Im so thank you that im done of my research.
ariel valerie (Melbourne Beach, FL) 9 December 2012, 18:29

great info

Thank you. My maternal and paternal lineage traced to Sami, Naxi , Khanty and as I study the shamanism, pre Bon cultures and migrations I find that Tuva, Altai regions specifically have a tremendous amt to offer...thank you again
Marie Payzant homepage (Baltimore, MD 21210 USA) 2 Fabruary 2012, 06:38

My wonderful 13-year-old daughter is adopted from Kyzyl

and I have been looking for photos of Tuvan women who might appear like her birth mother, Sayana, who had my daughter Ayana when she was 38 years old.
Thank you, Marie Payzant
David C. McCormick (Fort Myers, Florida, USA) 26 December 2011, 07:48

Music and other culture

I enjoy reading about music and other culture of Tuva, and I wold like to visit there in the future.
EmittyMigirty (South Carolina) 17 June 2011, 15:55

I will definitely recommend this to my friends
Fero HRABAL 22 Fabruary 2011, 00:41

I want visit TUVA in May 2011 because I love your culture & religion, I am publisher of books on Asian traditions (see My books folder in my FB profile Photoalbum). So I need some friends who could offer me HOSPITALITY & SUPPORT in TUVA! I want meet the local Spiritual Leaders, Healers, Artists & know local folk customs, music, crafts etc.). My email is fero@cadpress.sk
Ute Heller (Offenburg/Germany) 14 January 2011, 20:35

Your film

Thank you so much for putting this film about shamanism on the web. Even though I hardly understand a few words I love the film. I like the careful and loving way the people and their culture is depicted. Thank you very much.
Steve Sklar (Minneapolis) 22 November 2010, 20:38


Ekii, Please fix the English registration. I've tried in English and Russian, and am always rejected. Chetterdyn, Steve
Ответ: Thank you, Mr. Sklar, for the feedback. We have fixed the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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